The flaccidity in the skin of the abdomen is often accompanied by distension or stretch marks that generate a very unaesthetic appearance in our belly. This is sometimes due to weight problems, a recent pregnancy or a constitutional problem. In any of these cases, it is a problem that prevents us from showing off our abdomen comfortably and which, fortunately, has a short-term solution. This solution comes from a cosmetic surgery operation called abdominoplasty or tummy tuck.

Abdominoplasty Cases

What does abdominoplasty consist of?

The technique consists of resecting the skin and fat that has sagged in the abdomen and correcting the distension caused by the weakness of the muscular wall. Those who consider having this cosmetic surgery in Granada will achieve a much flatter and strengthened stomach and will also eliminate the excess skin and fat that was so unsightly on our body. The results of this procedure are generally very satisfactory, as the patient is left in front of the mirror with a more reshaped figure and a more beautiful belly.
A tummy tuck in Granada will give you a flatter stomach and a slimmer figure.

The abdominoplasty procedure:

In this surgery it is necessary to make an incision above the pubic hair down to the hips. Later, the abdominal skin must be freed to descend and the skin around the navel must be uninserted to allow it to emerge into the new tightened skin through a hole. Finally, the abdominal muscles that have given way are brought closer together to restore the tension of the abdominal wall and the excess skin is resected.
The doctor will advise the patient to wear a compression garment for the duration of the postoperative period. The visible marks or scars on the skin around the navel and on the abdomen will become imperceptible with time. Decreased sensation in the lower abdomen is common, although this is another thing that will gradually improve.
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Statistically, a tummy tuck takes the following timing:

Surgical time: 3 hours
Anaesthesia: Adapted to the needs of each patient.
Hospitalisation: 2 days
Recovery: 10 days
Result: 2 months