Botulinum toxin treatment in Granada. Botox

Botox or botulinum toxin treatment is now one of the most well-known cosmetic treatments. This is down to the fact that the results achieved are usually very positive, and the effects can be seen in very little time. The treatment uses botulinum toxin type A, which is permitted in cosmetic and surgical centres.

This toxin is a purified protein which, once injected, relaxes the muscles in the area which enables the skin to remain stretched. That is why it is very common for the substance to be injected between the eyebrows to prevent frowning and any unattractive wrinkles. It is also very common to apply Botox around the eye areas to prevent the appearance of the notorious and feared “crow’s feet”.

Our Botox treatment in Granada is one of the best to always provide the patient with the results that they are looking for.

Those thinking of undergoing Botox treatment in Granada should have no fear, as it is a safe treatment, and any secondary effects are very unlikely. A frequent side effect can be some light bruising or swelling if the surgeon catches a capillary, but this will not be long-lasting and will be insignificant.

Botox treatment results

Another positive factor of Botox is that results can be seen from 48-72 hours following the toxin being injected, and it will have full effect during the first and second week. The patient will feel that the skin on their face is tenser and can say goodbye to those wrinkles and creases that can affect our appearance.

Doctor Ana Moreno will provide you with all of the information you need if you are thinking about undergoing Botox treatment in Granada. She will also examine and comment on your case to achieve the most accurate results possible.