Facial mesotherapy infiltration

What does facial mesotherapy infiltration treatment involve?

Facial mesotherapy infiltration treatment has the main aim of preventing and treating skin ageing. The preventative treatment can begin as of the age of 30, but there is no age limit in order to obtain a rejuvenated skin for your face or neck.

At Dra. Ana Moreno’s clinic we endorse the benefits of this minimally invasive treatment due to the fantastic results that can be seen on rejuvenated skin.


One of the signs of skin ageing is the appearance of wrinkles and loss of skin tone. This facial rejuvenation is achieved through injecting a series of natural substances into the skin, such as vitamins, homoeopathic products, or hyaluronic acid.

This cocktail of substances manages to stimulate the production of those cells which produce collagen in our skin, strengthening the construction of tense pillars to help prevent flaccidity and keep our skin hydrated.

What areas of the face can be treated with this?

When bearing in mind that this primarily combats the signs of dermis or skin ageing, the areas recommended for this kind of treatment are:

  • Face, where expression lines usually appear, caused by ageing and time in general.
  • Neck, it is common for wrinkles to appear, as well as there being flaccidity in the area around the face.
  • Cleavage, this area is similar to our face, meaning that the appearance of wrinkles and the loss of elasticity can also be combatted through facial mesotherapy infiltration.
  • Back of hands, this is due to our hands often reflecting our facial expressions and the subsequent premature ageing that goes with it, the appearance of wrinkles on our hands can be treated with this specific method.

What is the process of facial mesotherapy infiltration?

It uses small infiltrations, which are applied over intervals of 21 days. Four sessions are usually recommended, but it is always best to take the advice from the medical team at the Dra. Ana Moreno clinic, which may change depending on each specific case.

This infiltration sessions are carried out under a topical anaesthetic, which is relatively painless and allows our patients to go about their daily lives after treatment. The only secondary effect that may appear is a slight redness in the treated area or bruising.

Facial mesotherapy infiltration in Granada

The wealth of experience of the medical professionals at the Dra. Ana Moreno clinic mean that they can provide facial mesotherapy infiltration in Granada with the best possible results. This is a very popular treatment at our clinic, as it is a simple treatment that does not involve any complications, meaning that we can enjoy a tense and elastic skin, removing all of the aesthetic imperfections that appear on our face over time. Contact us to get the best and totally personalised facial mesotherapy infiltration treatment in Granada!