Lip lift in Granada

The lip lift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries due to the outcome of attractive voluptuous and full lips. Now, those who have always wanted to have different lips can choose this cosmetic surgery which will provide them with a quick and efficient enhancement.

What does a lip lift involve?

A lip lift consists of using very fine needles to inject substances that will essentially provide our lips with a filler effect. The patient will be the one who decides on how much volume they want in their lips, although we always recommend against excessive volume to ensure that the final appearance is as natural as possible. We also try to ensure that the lips match the rest of the face for a harmonious and attractive result.

Lip filler surgery is recommended for those patients that, for cosmetic reasons, want to have fuller lips, although it is also perfect for those patients who suffer from any kind of uneven lips. There are cases in which the top lip may be much thinner that the lower, or vice versa. In this case, a lip lift could be the best option. Doctor Ana Moreno’s clinic will offer personalised care to those patients that want to undergo lip surgery in Granada. It can also provide you with any information you may need before undergoing an operation and will separately appraise each case.

Treatment results

After the treatment, the patient will be able to enjoy the lips they have always wanted. The results are often very positive, and the procedure time is minimal, as it usually lasts less than thirty minutes. In the days following the procedure, the patient may note a light swelling, but this is normal and will quickly disappear.

At the Doctor Ana Moreno clinic we will always provide you with the best care and the results that match your goals.