Variations in a woman’s breasts are considered normal throughout her life. As we know, female breasts acquire their shape during the adolescent years, but certain events in a woman’s life can lead to noticeable variations. For example, there are women who suffer increases in volume in the premenstrual period, or even during pregnancy, but nevertheless after breastfeeding they suffer from flaccidity and therefore sagging breasts. This is why breast lift surgery is so common.

Breast lift cases

Sudden weight loss or, on the other hand, weight gain can mean that our breasts are no longer in the shape we would like them to be. In these situations, considering a breast lift as an option is one of the best solutions. The passage of time will no longer be a problem for your breasts, avoiding sagging and flabby breasts is easy with breast lift surgery.

The breast lift process will consist of removing the excess skin that causes sagging and therefore correct breasts placement, achieving a perfect breast lift. If there is one thing that Dra. Ana Moreno’s clinic is known for, it is for carrying out a study tailored to each patient. In the case of breast lift surgery, each patient will receive specific advice, because the procedure will not always be performed in the same way, nor will the needs of each patient be the same.

Discover what a breast lift can offer you

A breast lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that focuses on cases of flaccid and sagging breasts. In addition, it is designed for cases in which it is not possible to lift the breasts by placing an implant. This procedure is also called mastopexy and consists, in general terms, of removing the excess skin and repositioning the mammary gland.

It is common to see how, after pregnancy or a period of breastfeeding, female breasts tend to sag and become flaccid. In other cases, this problem has a genetic root and there are women who suffer from it without having been pregnant. In both cases, mastopexy or breast lift surgery in Granada is a recommended option. After the intervention, the patient will be able to feel her breasts again with an appropriate shape and volume. A breast lift will allow the patient to show off much firmer and more aesthetic breasts.

Surgery timing

Most commonly, this surgery begins with a circular incision around the areola, although it is the surgeon who must consider the most appropriate procedure in each case. What the patient should be aware of is that there may be residual scarring, although this will depend on the patient’s healing.

There are occasions when breast prostheses may also be used to give volume and projection to the breast and to achieve even better results.

This type of surgery usually takes the following time:
Surgical time: 2 to 4 hours
Anaesthesia: Adapted to the needs of each patient.
Hospitalisation: 6 to 24 hours
Recovery: 7 days
Final result: 2 months