Breast reduction in Granada

Breast reduction, also called reduction mammoplasty, is the most advisable surgical intervention for women who have a very large breast size and feel self-conscious. Having very large breasts can not only cause personal discomfort due to the fact that we feel uncomfortable with our own body, it is also something that causes a lot of discomfort that can even lead to serious problems. There are many women who suffer from back or neck pain due to their large breasts and who also find that their breasts sag. For them, a breast reduction could be the solution.

Breast Reduction Cases

On the other hand, those who simply feel that they want to have a smaller breast can also opt for this cosmetic surgery and forget about the problems. Breast reduction is an operation that reduces the size and reshapes the breasts through incisions around the areola. Horizontal, vertical or oblique incisions are made in the breast fold to achieve the desired size and shape.

Breast reduction allows for a more balanced physique and a reduction in the problems caused by an overly large breast.

Effects of the operation

The doctor will do everything possible to make the scars as inconspicuous as possible and will therefore be meticulous when suturing. These scars will be fine and short, although there are postoperative scars that are usually more visible but disappear over time.
The most common risk associated with breast reduction is a decrease or loss of sensation in one or both areolas. However, this reduced sensation usually improves as the days go by.

Operation timing:

As a general rule, this is the timing in which breast reduction surgery in Granada takes place:
Surgical time: 3 to 4 hours
Anaesthesia:  Adapted to the needs of each patient
Hospitalisation: 24 hours
Recovery: 7 days
Final result: 2 months

Breast reduction operation

Dra. Ana Moreno will remove the skin, gland and excess fat from the patient’s breasts and, finally, reposition the areolas and reshape the breasts. The patient who has undergone this cosmetic surgery in Granada will no longer suffer from having a breast that clashes with the rest of her body. In addition, reduction mammoplasty will eliminate muscular pain and can increase the patient’s self-esteem.