Breast Surgery and Aesthetics

Breast surgery and aesthetic treatments are among the most requested at the Dra. Ana Moreno Clinic in Granada. The aim of these treatments is to improve or solve any aesthetic problem of the breasts, whether due to sagging, excessive volume etc.

There are many reasons why a woman requests a breast surgery and aesthetic treatment, but in general the objective is to improve the size and shape of the breast as much as possible so that the patient feels satisfied with the result.

Breast Surgery and Aesthetic Treatments at Dra. Ana Moreno Clinic

In our clinic in Granada we perform all these treatments related to breast surgery and aesthetics:

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation treatment or augmentation mammoplasty is intended for women who want to have fuller breasts.

When should an augmentation mammoplasty be performed?

  • Cases of flaccidity due to hereditary causes
  • Consequence of pregnancy
  • Breast loss
  • Dissatisfaction of the patient at an aesthetic level
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Breast reduction

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty aims to reduce the size of the patient’s breasts.

When should a reduction mammoplasty be performed?

  • When it causes physical problems (neck pain, back pain)
  • For aesthetic reasons (sagging breasts)
  • For personal discomfort
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Breast lift

Breast lift treatment is one of the most commonly requested treatments at our cosmetic surgery clinic in Granada.

There are many reasons why the breasts can vary over time and present a sagging or drooping appearance.

A breast lift aims to firm this part of the body according to the needs and tastes of each patient.

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Tubular breasts correction

Tubular breasts are those with abnormal growth. They usually have large areolas, tubular shapes and herniations in the nipple or areola area.

This uncomfortable and unaesthetic problem is easily corrected with cosmetic surgery to correct tubular breasts.

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Breast asymmetry

Cosmetic surgery treatment for breast asymmetry allows the patient to recover a balance adapted to the particular characteristics of each patient.

When should breast asymmetry treatment be performed?

  • Uneven growth in terms of size, shape or elevation of the breasts
  • As a result of pregnancy
  • As a result of an accident
  • After suffering an illness
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Breast reconstruction

At Dra. Ana Moreno’s clinic we also carry out breast reconstruction treatments.

When to apply a breast reconstruction?

  • Loss of part of the breast due to mastectomy
  • Loss due to another surgical treatment
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Breast augmentation with your own fat

Breast augmentation with your own fat uses fat from your own body.

When should a breast augmentation with lipofilling be performed?

  • When a slight increase in volume is sought.
  • As a complement to breast prostheses.
  • To improve the aesthetic results of the cleavage.
  • As a complement to a complete mastopexy (breast lift).


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Man breasts/gynecomastia

Gynecomastia, also known as man breasts, is the appearance or development of breasts in male patients.

When to apply gynecomastia?

  • Consequences of hormonal changes
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Consequences of having suffered from an illness

Gynecomastia will be treated by liposuction or surgery depending on each case.

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