Tuberous breast surgery

Tuberous breasts are a problem that occurs during the growth of a woman’s breasts. The alterations that occur during development affect the tissue that covers the breast. The problem appears when the skin and the tissue that covers the mammary gland presents great rigidity and therefore does not allow the mammary gland to develop normally. This is when tuberous breasts can easily be corrected with cosmetic surgery.

¿Por qué el pecho adquiere forma tubular?

As we said before, the key to understanding why breasts are tubular is the existence of stiffer tissue and skin around the breast. This tissue does not slow down growth, but causes abnormal growth. Therefore, the breast will continue to grow, but in this case, it will find its space in the part of the breast that offers the least resistance, therefore the skin of the nipple. We can see that there will not be a uniform growth of the breast, but only on the nipple area, causing the appearance of tuberous breasts. This is why tuberous breasts are also sometimes referred to as constricted breasts or goat breasts.

Another of the consequences of this non-uniform growth of the breast, and therefore one of the characteristics of tuberous breasts, is their separation. As it grows only on the nipple side, it will cause the indiscriminate distancing of each of the breasts. Sometimes this abnormal growth of tubular breasts not only has aesthetic or psychological consequences, but the fact that the base of the breast does not develop normally can cause pain due to the weight of the breast itself without the usual support, if it is large.

Tubular Breast Cases

What are the most common characteristics of tuberous breasts?

The size is not a characteristic feature, because they can be more or less voluminous, although it is true that they tend to be smaller, since the growth of the breast has not been normal. However, in many cases there are situations of large areolas, tubular shapes, but also hernias in the nipple or areola area.

We see therefore that the intervention of tuberous breasts usually involves a modification of the mammary gland through a redistribution of the existing tissue. It can also be complemented with a breast implantation, as the fact that the growth has been conditioned by the sinotubular, may also have caused a slowing down of the growth. The correction of tuberous breasts can sometimes be due to the malformation of one or both breasts.

Tubular Breast Correction with great results

Tubular breasts are a malformation that affects adolescent women uni or bilaterally, which manifests with a lack of development of the base and lower pole added to a very large and protruding areola. This malformation can cause significant psychological sequelae. The intervention depends on the shape of the breast and the severity of the case, the surgical treatment can vary from breast remodelling, enlarging the base by placing breast prostheses or redistribution of the existing tissue.

Timing of the Tubular Breast operation

Statistically this type of operation takes the following times:

  • Surgical time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Anaesthesia: Adapted to the needs of each patient
  • Hospitalisation: not required
  • Recovery: 7 days
  • Final result: 1 month

Tubular breasts correction in Granada

At Dra. Ana Moreno’s Clinic, a detailed study of each case is usually carried out. We aim at all times to satisfy our clients’ expectations in any operation and even more so in the case of tuberous breasts. We know that beautiful breasts with the expected characteristics can lead to greater acceptance of the person and therefore a strengthening of their mood. We understand, therefore, that this is not only an operation with aesthetic but also psychological repercussions.