“Waterfall effect” breast surgery

Waterfall effect appears when there is a disparate evolution between the implants that the patient has in place and the mammary gland. While the implants remain in their initial position, the mammary gland falls vertically, forming a waterfall effect, which is the origin of the name.

Waterfall effect can occur for many reasons. Sometimes it is due to a too high placement of the breast implants, capsular contracture or the effect of age, which causes the mammary gland to fall down in an obvious way many years after the original operation.

Waterfall effect breast surgery cases


There are several treatments that can be applied in this case. In the majority of patients it is possible to perform an intervention with which an optimal firmness of the breasts is obtained, in accordance with the patient’s objectives.

Advantages of “waterfall effect” breast surgery

  • The results are satisfactory and the patient enjoys firm, symmetrical breasts.
  • Thanks to a personalised analysis, the final result remains as natural as possible.
  • The newly placed implants can reduce the likelihood of the patient suffering a waterfall effect again.

“Waterfall effect” cases

The procedure

The “waterfall effect” procedure follows next steps:

  • First, we proceed with a personalised analysis of the patient.
  • During the procedure, we first remove the original implant.
  • Next, we remove the periprosthetic capsule (the material that surrounds the implant).
  • Thanks to the process of a mastopexy (breast lift), we are able to restore the original position of the breasts.

Each waterfall effect intervention is completely personalised to the needs of each patient. However, in most situations, the steps indicated should be followed.

Satisfactory results of waterfall effect correction

Waterfall effect is suffered by many patients, who not only suffer from an obvious aesthetic problem, but also its consequences, such as lack of self-esteem, discomfort when wearing tight clothes and in general a poorer quality of life. Waterfall effect correction currently offers very satisfactory results, with which the patient recovers the aesthetics of her breasts to the level of her expectations, with the personal and emotional benefits that this entails for her.

Waterfall effect surgery timing:

  • Surgical time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Anaesthesia: Adapted to the needs of each patient.
  • Hospitalisation: depends on the case
  • Recovery: 14 days
  • Final result: 3 months.

Waterfall effect treatment in Granada

At Dra. Ana Moreno’s Clinic, we offer a completely personalised service to all our patients. That is why the first step we take is a detailed study of each case, in order to know the expectations of our patients and propose treatments, according to the characteristics of their situation. We are aware of the importance of the aesthetics of a woman’s breasts, which is why Dra. Ana Moreno offers her patients her extensive experience as well as the best quality materials and instruments to achieve the objectives of each patient. For this reason, we also understand that the waterfall effect interventions that we perform in Granada not only seek an aesthetic improvement, but also successfully address psychological repercussions.