Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine refers to those medical treatments that do not require surgery or any type of invasive procedure to improve our physical appearance using the techniques required for the restoration, maintenance, and enhancement of aesthetics, health, and wellbeing.

The general objectives of Aesthetic Medicine are:

  • The prevention and treatment of all kinds of aesthetic conditions.
  • The application of techniques to enhance aesthetics and beauty.
  • Prevention of ageing.
  • The enhancement of health and physical, mental, and personal wellbeing

These all coincide within the realm of Aesthetic Medicine, with the three purposes assigned to the medical field by the World Health Organization being:

  • To treat illnesses.
  • To prevent illnesses.
  • To enhance health.

The advantages of aesthetic medical treatment:

Those who decide to put themselves in the hands of the professionals who are part of our team at the Dra. Ana Moreno clinic will be able to enjoy the following benefits from their aesthetic medicine treatments:

  • Comfortable treatment. Simple treatment that allows patients to get back to their everyday life immediately, without having to take any sick leave.
  • Treatments with quick recovery time, depending on the aesthetic medicine treatment selected you will have a specific recovery time, but this will not usually affect your ability to go about your normal lives.
  • Non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment, the techniques used in aesthetic medicine are non-invasive, meaning that very positive results are achieved without the patient having to be subject to any kind of surgical procedure.
  • Quick results: many aesthetic medicine treatments usually show results on the same day, or after just a few weeks.
  • Accurate results, depending on the patient’s expectations and the recommendations of the medical staff, the results from the treatment can be adjusted to match patient’s expectations, achieving accurate and highly satisfactory results.

Aesthetic medicine treatment in Granada

Dra. Ana Moreno’s clinic, with a wealth of experience, offers various aesthetic medicine treatments in Granada, all adapted to the needs of our patients, always seeking to provide them with the best personalised results.

Facial aesthetic medicine

This type of treatment usually aims to prevent, treat, and improve the appearance of the face and neck. This usually involves treatments related to the removal of expression lines, facial oval correction, or overall skin health.

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Body aesthetics

Body treatments aim to treat and correct certain conditions in different areas of the body such as localised fat deposits, cellulite, varicose veins, or overall skin quality.

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In any case, depending on the overall objectives of our patients and their characteristics, our medical team may advise them on the aesthetic medicine treatment best suited to them as an individual.