Breast augmentation with the patient's own fat

Mammoplasty with lipofilling is an operation in which the patient’s own fat is used to increase the size of the breast. This technique achieves a natural and elegant result, but the volume that can be increased is less than if an implant is used.

Lipofilling can also be used as a complement to breast prostheses and is highly recommended to perfect the result of a breast lift or complete mastethopexy.

This procedure is designed for patients who are looking for a slight breast augmentation in which naturalness takes precedence over everything else. Whether due to loss of volume after breastfeeding, less firmness with age, mastectomies or problems such as tubular breasts (breasts that are too far apart from the midline). In all these cases lipofilling is a solution to consider.

How is a lipofilling mammoplasty performed?

The lipofilling technique makes use of localised fat in areas such as the hip or abdomen, mainly of the person who undergoes the intervention. Little by little the fatty tissue is inserted, giving the desired shape to the breast, not only increasing the volume but also smoothing the profile, rounding its shape or reducing the distance between the midline.

As fatty tissue from the patient’s own body is used, the process is much less invasive than the use of a prosthesis. In addition, the scars are smaller (almost invisible) and it is a less painful recovery process than breast implants.

In order to achieve the best result for each patient, Dra. Ana Moreno recommends a previous talk and specific advice to resolve all the patient’s doubts. During this consultation she will try to explain the best option to achieve a natural breast with an elegant and beautiful cleavage.

Recovery from breast augmentation surgery using fatty tissue

Recovery from lipofilling or liposculpture is fairly quick, around 7-21 days, during which time it is normal for fluid retention or bruising to occur. The anaesthesia is adapted to the needs of each patient and it is an operation that does not require a hospital stay of more than 1 or 2 days.

The duration of the breast augmentation with fatty tissue procedure is around 2-3 hours and the results can be seen definitively after 4-5 months, which is when the tissues are considered to have completely settled. It is very important that during the first few weeks the patient does not put on weight or make heavy efforts.

At Dra. Ana Moreno’s clinic we give priority to patient follow-up, which is why several visits will be necessary after the operation until the entire medical team gives their approval and confirms that the recovery has been successful.