Post-bariatric surgery

Obesity in recent years has been a matter of concern both from a social and health point of view, mainly in the developed countries of Europe and the United States. For this reason, there has been an increase in the number of interventions related to massive weight loss for the treatment of morbid obesity. These interventions are known as “bariatric surgery”. The result of these surgeries is that patients lose weight massively, so that skin is left over and hanging all over the body.

What is post-bariatric surgery?

Post-bariatric plastic surgery is used to reduce excess skin and provide tone, tightness and balance to the body contour after bariatric surgery for treatment of morbid obesity.

Candidates for Post-Bariatric Reconstructive Surgery must be in good health, have achieved their goal weight loss and be at least 1 year post bariatric surgery.

Post-Bariatric Surgery Procedures

Belt lipectomy
Trunk lift
Thigh lift
Arm lift

Each patient is assessed individually by Dra. Ana Moreno to identify which procedures will be necessary. They are usually performed in 2 or 3 stages of surgery, and more than one procedure may be performed in the same surgical procedure.