Follow Up breast surgery in Granada

Secondary breast surgery consists in performing a second procedure on a patient who has previously undergone breast surgery.

There are various reasons behind why this may occur. There are cases in which complications may arise after the first operation; at other times another kind of surgery is required; and there are also patients who at some moment or another decide that they want to take their implants out.

When is it time for secondary breast surgery?

At the facilities at our clinic in Granada we perform secondary breast surgery on those patients in the following situations:

  • Waterfall effect surgery
  • The need for a capsulectomy
  • Whenever patients want their implants or enhancements removed.

Waterfall effect

The waterfall effect occurs when the implants inserted do not take to the breast gland. The first ones usually stay roughly in their initial positions, but the breast then falls downwards “like a waterfall”, which is where the name comes from.

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A capsulectomy is a cosmetic surgery procedure that we carry out at the facilities in the clinic in Granada when treating cases of capsular contracture, also known as encapsulation.

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Removal or breast implants or enhancements

There are a range of reasons as to why a patient may want to remove her breast implants. In some cases it can be to do with capsular contracture, which can also be treated.

On other occasions, the patient merely decides to remove her implants for aesthetic reasons.

In these cases the treatment is known as breast implant removal. Sometimes the capsule is also removed, especially if it is too thick.

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