In our cosmetic surgery clinic in Granada we perform capsulectomy interventions, as a post-surgical treatment for capsular contracture. Dra. Ana Moreno performs this type of intervention with extensive experience on patients from all over Spain who come to our centre.

Capsulectomy is a recommended treatment in cases of capsular contracture, which are also known as encapsulation of an implant.

Capsulectomy cases

In an operation in which a breast implant is inserted, a normal process is that a capsule or layer is formed around it. Any breast augmentation procedure involves this process.

However, there are occasions when the capsule reaches an excessive thickness, which can even deform the implants. When we can identify this process, we are dealing with capsular contracture.

Capsulectomy treatment consists of removing the capsule that has grown around the implant and allowing it to grow back in a natural way.

Advantages of capsulectomy surgery

  • The results of capsulectomy are immediate and satisfactory for the patient, who gets a symmetrical and aesthetically attractive shape of her breasts back.
  • The procedure can be repeated if necessary. If the new layer that grows back presents this problem, it can also be removed.
  • It is perfectly compatible with other types of interventions if necessary, such as implant replacement.

Capsulectomy cases

Capcusar correction success cases

The correction of capsular contracture is one of the most advanced treatments in cosmetic surgery. On the one hand, experience and research have made it possible to reduce this effect as much as possible. On the other hand, the investment of time and resources has allowed us to approach capsulectomy treatments with increasingly better results and with less risk of recurrence. But even if capsular contracture occurs again, thanks to the fact that the operation can be repeated as often as necessary, we can carry it out and obtain good results again or consider other more complete interventions, with which we can completely prevent it from happening again.

Cascade breast operation timing:

  • Surgery time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Anaesthesia: Adapted to the needs of each patient.
  • Hospitalisation: not required.
  • Recovery: 7 days
  • Final result: 3 months.

Capsulectomy in Granada

At our clinic Dra. Ana Moreno in Granada, we always offer completely personalised consultuncy to all our patients. Dra. Ana Moreno has extensive experience in this type of intervention, obtaining very satisfactory results for our patients.

As well as in other types of interventions, in cases of capsular contracture, we always carry out a detailed study of the patient’s physical characteristics, as well as alternative solutions that perfectly suit their objectives. Capsulectomy is an intervention which can help achieve great aesthetic results in a short time. In addition to an aesthetic improvement, we also seek an improvement in the patient’s quality of life, greater self-confidence and an improvement in her social relations.