Body Lift

The main objective of the Body Lift is the correction of flaccidity in the patient’s tissues (skin and muscles).

The main causes of this flaccidity are weight loss, pregnancy and advancing age, which leads to a certain loss in the aesthetics of the body contour and can result in dissatisfaction or insecurity.

The Body Lift technique restores the texture of the patient’s body and is able to resolve the flaccidity that affects the abdominal area and lumbar back in a single operation.

Body Lift in Granada

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Before the body lift operation, the professionals carry out an exploration of the areas requiring treatment, in which they carry out certain measurements of various parameters, together with an analysis of the patient’s general state of health.

The patient’s medical history together with the examination will determine the need to carry out certain complementary tests such as blood tests, electrocardiograms, among others, known as preoperative tests.

The patient is advised to provide all the information requested and, in turn, is recommended to ask all the questions he or she may have to clarify any doubts, without forgetting to communicate what expectations he or she has, as the professionals will be able to assess the chances of these being fulfilled.

Body Lift cases

This technique is usually associated with people who have undergone obesity surgeries such as gastric balloon or stomach reductions, in which weight was significantly reduced (post-bariatric surgery). The desire to regain the figure after a multiple pregnancy or to improve the body silhouette after non-surgical weight loss, are also suitable cases for the technique.

Body areas

This intervention manages to smooth the entire abdominal girdle, which includes the abdomen and waist, in a single operation. This technique can be complementary to or necessary with other techniques such as the lifting of the arms, thighs or breast lift.

How is it performed?

The patient is admitted to hospital for a few days, depending on the case. The operation is performed under the anaesthetic process that best suits the patient’s needs, as a circular strip of skin is removed from the body areas mentioned above.

Postoperative period

After the operation, the patient must rest. Twenty-four hours after the operation, the patient can sit up with assistance. Difficulties for the patient usually arise when trying to stand upright, but after a few days the discomfort will disappear.