Breast asymmetry

Sometimes this asymmetry can affect the social and psychological relationships of certain women because it can be a very strong conditioning factor for their interaction with other people. The correction of these asymmetries is possible thanks to the asymmetric breast operation.

This inequality in the shape and size of the breasts is due to various causes. Among them we highlight that asymmetrical breasts are caused by an uneven degree of development of the breasts, they can also be caused by a difference in the shape of the breast and its size, and also because the fatty or glandular tissue has changed over time. Thus we see that a situation of breast asymmetry should be considered when one breast is disproportionately larger than the other, or when one breast is shaped differently from the other, or when one breast has a higher rise or a more pronounced fall than the other part of the breast.

Cases of Breast Asymmetry

The keys to breast asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is not only present in the shape, size or elevation of the breast, but sometimes there can also be asymmetry in the size of the nipple and areola. These cases may be accompanied by asymmetry in size and lead to a more pronounced effect on breast asymmetry.

In this regard, it is interesting to distinguish asymmetrical breast growth during puberty and into adulthood. As we develop as women, our breasts may grow at different rates, but this is not a problem because in most cases it corrects itself over time. However, once we have reached maturity, it happens that this asymmetrical growth has not been corrected and we are therefore faced with asymmetrical breasts or asymmetrical breasts. But irregular growth is not the only reason why we can find ourselves with asymmetrical breasts. In adulthood, situations such as pregnancy, accidents or certain illnesses can cause asymmetrical breasts.

Asymmetrical breast surgery

Total symmetry does not exist, and this is even more evident in the case of breasts, so that it is often said that no two women have the same breasts. It only becomes a real problem when the difference in size and/or shape is very evident, to such an extent that it causes, in those who suffer from it, a real distortion in the perception of their body and their femininity. Only in some cases the treatment of asymmetrical breasts may require the reduction of one breast and the augmentation of the other with prostheses.

Operation time

Statistically this type of operation takes the following times:

  • Surgical time: Depends on the severity of the case
  • Anaesthesia: Adapted to the needs of each patient
  • Hospitalisation: Depends on the case
  • Recovery: Depends on the case
  • Final result: 1 or 2 months

Treatments for asymmetrical breasts

Treatments for the correction of asymmetrical breasts vary depending on the case. This is why in our cosmetic surgery clinic we will carry out a preliminary study in order to be able to offer you the most suitable treatment for your situation. For example, in cases where the asymmetry is not too great, the imperfections can be corrected by transferring the patient’s own fat to that specific area. Another of the most common cases is when the asymmetry is very evident, this is where the doctor’s advice in combination with his or her experience will allow the best choice of treatment. Normally, in the previous case, asymmetric breasts are corrected with lifting techniques, reduction or even breast prostheses if necessary.