Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Plastic and aesthetic surgery deals with generally healthy patients. Its aim is the correction of alterations of the aesthetic norm with the aim of obtaining greater facial and corporal harmony or the sequelae produced by ageing. This has repercussions on emotional stability, improving the quality of life through professional and emotional relationships, etc.

Surgery and aesthetics in Granada

Our surgical practices in Granada are aimed at those patients who are looking for an aesthetic improvement of an area of the body or face with which they are not entirely happy (breast augmentation, removal of fat accumulations…), thus producing an improvement in their self-esteem and also at patients who have an alteration of their anatomy such as congenital malformations or removal of facial tumours.

Our aim is always to be able to offer the most satisfactory results in each of the cases treated, with a personalised itinerary for each patient, adapted to their circumstances and the pathology to be treated.

Our plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments

Thanks to Dra. Ana Moreno’s professional experience and training, our clinic offers a wide range of plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments:

Breast surgery

Breast surgery is centred on those treatments that have the breast as their main focus.

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Body contouring

When we talk about body contouring we refer mainly to plastic surgery treatments that aim to improve our body.

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Facial plastic surgery

This is used to improve the aesthetic defects that may appear on the face and neck.

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Reparative Surgery

Treatments that aim to eliminate scars or small skin tumours.

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Secondary surgery

Refers to surgical practices derived from the need to perform a second breast operation, for different reasons, after a breast augmentation with prostheses.

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