Tratamiento antiojeras

What are eye bag fillers?

Eye bag filler is a treatment that involves the injection of semi-reticulated hyaluronic acid fillers into the skin.

At the Dra. Ana Moreno Clinic in Granada, we use the properties of Redensity II from Teoxane, which has a dermo structuring complex able to stimulate collagen and elastin production, as well as to protect the skin from oxidative damage.

We also offer eye bag fillers to put an end to bags under the eyes within our facial aesthetic medicine area, as it is a minimally invasive treatment that helps to reduce the signs of ageing in the face.

What are the results?

We apply an eye bag filler treatment that is specific to each patient, in terms of injections and the amount of hyaluronic acid, as per the patient’s needs.

A cosmetic surgeon is the best person to advise you on the type of treatment that your skin requires. This allows us to always get the best possible results.

The Redensity II hyaluronic acid from Teoxane is the only product on the market that has been specifically created for the delicate zone under our eyes. That is why we are able to provide such fantastic results with this treatment.

The effects are visible almost immediately after the application and they are also very long-lasting. Depending on the skin characteristics of each patient, they may be able to enjoy an eye bag free face for between 9 to 12 months.

How is the eye bag treatment done?

The eye bag treatment is carried out using a microcannula that injects the product into the required area.

Its gel consistency helps it to adapt to the eye bag area, without any clumps or deformations arising. Additionally, the hyaluronic acid reduces the probabilities of secondary effects appearing, such as bruising.

The hyaluronic acid forms a dense and close-nit web that quickly causes the area to be filled and results in the disappearance of the eye bags, while also improving the overall tone of the skin. A certain amount of density is also recovered in the area, and in general a rejuvenated and healthy aesthetic appearance is achieved.